Homework Policy

All pupils should be encouraged to realise that homework (work relating to school subjects undertaken outside of lesson times) is a vital part of the learning process.

Pupils are provided with homework timetables and staff are expected to set homework in accordance to it. All teachers are aware of the need for prompt and consistent marking of homework and of clear feedback to pupils.

The school provides each Key Stage 3 pupil with a Homework Diary, and pupils are encouraged to have it in their possession at all times, making a note of all homework set. The school encourages parents to check the diary regularly and to make comments within it.  These comments will be picked up by pupils’ registration teachers, during a diary monitoring process in registration periods.  Key Stage 4 pupils are issued with Student Planners and are expected to record all homework set. These too will be monitored by both parents and staff.

The school provides various opportunities for pupils to do homework using school facilities. The computer suites are available for pupil use during lunchtimes and after school until 4.00pm.  Pupils are also offered support through subject clinics and homework clubs.