Home/School Agreement

West Monmouth School believes in working closely with parents. The school invites new parents and pupils to sign a “Home – School Agreement”, which lists the ways in which Governors and Staff endeavour to support pupils, as well as the ways in which parents can support their children and the school.  By working together, we can help ensure all our children achieve their full potential.

During Year 5 and Year 6, prospective parents are invited to induction evenings. This offers an introduction to the school environment and ethos, and aims to provide parents with information about the curriculum and school procedures.

For the duration of their children’s attendance at West Monmouth, all parents are invited to annual parent / teacher evenings, in order to discuss their children’s progress with their subject teachers. These evenings generally coincide with the school’s reporting procedures.  Parents will receive reports on their children’s progress at regular intervals throughout the academic year. A copy of the school calendar highlighting relevant dates will be available at the beginning of each year.

During the Autumn term, the school holds an Open Day, when parents are offered the opportunity to visit the school and stay a while, to sample lessons and speak to pupils and staff and generally to get the feel of the school on a typical working day.

Governors and staff of West Monmouth also invite parents to other annual events, such as the Christmas Carol Concert, Sports Day and various musical and drama productions. Parental attendance at such events is always warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.