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Dear parent / carer,

As the national situation with respect to COVID-19 continues to improve, we are beginning to see the chance of a return to normality on the horizon. As such, we are beginning once again to reflect on the quality of our provision and on how we can improve the experience of our learners; and one area in which both pupil and parent voice suggests there may be a need for change is our school uniform.

Our uniform and PE Kit has not been reviewed for many years and so we will be carrying out a consultation this term to gather the views of pupils, parents, staff and governors as to whether or not changes need to be made. The input of parents on this issue is clearly crucial as we rely on your support to uphold our uniform policy, so I hope that as many of you as possible will take the opportunityto give us your opinions by completing our online survey via the link in the letter below.



Uniform Consultation Letter

General News

School Uniform Message

Pupils can start wearing their summer uniform from next week instead of after Easter if they wish. This will possibly make uniform issues a bit easier for some.

The summer uniform options are the same as previous years and are:-


• Black West Mon PE shorts and royal blue polo shirt that both must be
• Boys are also allowed to wear normal black trousers with the badged polo
   - shirt if, they wish.
• Boys must wear black leather topped trainers or shoes, no running
   trainers unless they have PE on that day.
• No hoodies are allowed at all. Boys can only wear their PE tops or black
• Black tracksuit bottoms can only be worn on days they have PE. No other
   colour tracksuits bottoms allowed.


• Girls can wear their royal blue West Mon badged PE polo shirt with their
   black trousers or skirt instead of their shirt and tie.
• Black shoes or leather topped trainers, no running trainers allowed.
• Black coats only and no hoodies. Girls can only wear their West Mon PE
   hoody on the days they have PE.
• Girls can only wear leggings on days they have PE. Traditional trousers
   must be worn on days they do not have PE lessons.