Meeting the Needs of Learners with Additional Learning Needs

Our Aims and Objectives

1.    To ensure that the profile of additional educational needs is recognised as a whole school issue.

2.   To assess the needs of young people and to provide additional appropriate support and/or resources to           meet their needs and increase their independence.

3.   To ensure that the voice of the young person and his/her parents/carers are heard and listened to at all           stages of provision.

4.   To support the young person to function to the best of his/her ability in an integrated mainstream situation        which allows, access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

5.   To ensure all staff are appropriately supported and or trained to meet the variety of needs of learners.

6.   To provide young people with the skills, knowledge and concepts which will enable them to function as            adequate responsible members of the community and to lead full, safe and satisfying lives.

If you have any concerns relating to your child’s:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour, Social and emotional Development
  • Communication skills
  • Physical impairments
  • Language barriers (English is an additional language)

you may contact:

Mrs Kathryn Williams (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator).